Rasmus Bagger is the No. 1 equestrian mental coach! He is behind several individual European- and World Champions as well as Olympians. Rasmus Bagger was also there to support showjumper Rolf-Göran Bengtsson on his way to triumphs as the Champion of Europe and The Rolex World Ranking No. 1 for 10 months straight. Rasmus Bagger is behind several national teams (both Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing and Icelandic Horse riders). In addition to this he has helped thousands of riders all over the world at all levels, through personal training, clinics and workshops, products as dvd’s, app’s and online video seminars. Get his full story here. Through his experiences Rasmus offers different services such as workshops, peptalks, coaching and Denmark’s leading mental and performance coach education! The education will equip you with the best strategies for peak performance and extraordinary results.


Rasmus Bagger’s workshops and seminars have become famous for combining two elements: comprehensive and actionable content, and personal transformation. He is a rare trainer capable of combining personal growth with professional development. Because of this, he has become renowned for his training with world-class athletes, leaders and organizations. Read more.


Rasmus Bagger has coached and advised corporate and Olympic titans, celebrities and entrepreneurs on advanced mental training, leadership, business and performance strategies. These clients range from showjumping world ranking no. 1 Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and national teams to corporate powerhouses. Read more.


Rasmus Bagger is many times over, named as one of best motivational speakers in Europe. He has inspired thousands of people to grow stronger in their lives, their leadership skills, their personal development and in their performance and results. He’s well known for his enthusiastic, immersive and entertaining keynote talks – called “PEPTALKS”. Read more.