With MASTER of MENTAL TRAINING™ powered by Rasmus Bagger”, you get the markets most solid and best-tested toolbox as a mentor and the strongest peak performance strategies that secure your performance as a coach. You will be trained intensely and will first be certified when you are world class as a mentor and performance coach – both in call therapy as well as teacher for both large and small groups.

The education is for you who not only want another mainstream coach education, but who want the very unique and extraordinary foundation with a proven, well-documented system and method that gives you an advantage and a solid lead to everyone else in the industry. The education requires great commitment and is not for everyone. To ensure implementation and integration of the content of the program, the training is carried out both in the theory room as well as in special locations with selected challenges and associated homework.

The education is a high intensified module-based monthly tuition with homework. The certifiation have focus on your personal development, leadership and personal coaching. The education are settled over 17 weeks and the program contains a content of selected mentors, books and course materials are handed out and implemented in the modules.

Before entering the course you need to meet the admission requirements. To do so you will need to take a test and have a personal conversation. To pass and get the title MMT Certified Mentaltrainer and Performance Coach you will need to take the main task and oral defense.

The target group for this education are mainly a sportsman, coach, coach, consultant, psychologist or leader that wish to work with ambitious people and organizations to create world-class results. They are motivated to engage in an intense, demanding and – perhaps – sometimes cross-border course and want to create extraordinary results within their field.

Price 45,000 DKK ex. VAT

To be a certified mental trainer the education contains some steps.
The proces starts with personal Personal Development & Self-Improvement, Personal Leadership & Impact and Basic Mental Training as well as Extended Mental Training.

In the process of the education you well get a certification in Interpersonal Behavioral Analysis.

The process also contains:
– Reading, analysis and bodylanguage and Hypnosis
– Thought Field Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation
– Lecture, presentation and teaching techniques
– Body & Mind Connection and Positive Psychology, NLP core skills & Spiral Dynamics 

Use a set of professional personality profiles, developed in Europe, a DISC personal profile with greater depth and more details and a personality profile showing 8 facets instead of just four.

E-Interpersonal has its theoretical foundation in evolutionary psychology, and is adjusted in relation to new theories of basic human driving forces. 

The e-interpersonal profile can be used for:
– Employee development and Training
– Talent development
– Management development
– Sales training and customer handling
– Career navigation and career development
– Strengthening communication and cooperation